Tips for New Landed Casino Players

Tips for New Landed Casino Players

admin February 6, 2020

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, every casino visitor should check out the player club first. Casinos usually offers either free plays, promotions and incentives for the new players in the club. Some offer promotions that promise to reimburse your losses on the first day (usually you’ll have to come back a week later to claim this). Players will have to get a card to play the casino games. With functions similar to those of the diner card in a restaurant or a bonus card in a supermarket, the players card is a loyalty program. When you want to play, give your card to the dealer immediately when you sit down at a table. To play slots, insert the card into the reader and make sure it is recognised correctly. Typically, something like “Good luck, Mark” will be read aloud and you will see how you accumulate the points as you play. If the casino marketing team does its job right, you will receive incentives such as:

TIP 2: Get involved in the game
With your player card and money in hand, it’s time for the moment of truth. Look for your preferred game in the casino, check that the table minimum fits your price range and take a seat in an empty chair. When the dealer is between two sheets, put your money and player card on the table (for security reasons, you cannot give the card and money to the dealer as you would a cashier). The dealer gives you chips and you’re good to go. Put your money in the field of action and apply your knowledge.

A casino is noisy – lots of people, a lot of noise, a lot of alcohol and a lot of money that changes hands. If you are having fun – and even if you are not having fun – pay attention to the people around you. Make your bets and game decisions quickly without complaining if the cards are bad. Tip the waitresses, but remember to tip the dealer as well. Consider playing an extra dollar or two on your first hand for the dealer. If smoking is allowed in the casino and you plan to smoke, please ask the other people at the table if they mind if you smoke.

Remember that a trip to the casino should be fun. It’s easy if you win. But if things don’t go so well, just enjoy the games and camaraderie. The next time it will be better.

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